Sedated Islet , experimental short film by Rita Rahimi , rr , Ramin Rahimi , ریتا رحیمی ، رامین رحیمی

Joojedelan' stands as a pioneering project, marking the inception of the first-ever Farsi-speaking online animated series. Its humble beginnings date back to 2003 when it started as an amateur Flash series, shared via Bluetooth on early cell phones. Over time, it has garnered a small yet dedicated fan base.

The heart of 'Joojedelan' revolves around three elderly men in a quaint village, each wielding traditional Iranian musical instruments. Yet, their melodies take an unexpected twist, morphing into the pulsating sounds of heavy metal. This unconventional fusion is the essence of 'Joojedelan,' where tradition and rebellion harmonize to create a unique and uproarious animated series.

Despite evolving personal interests, the persistent requests from loyal fans have rekindled the desire to breathe new life into 'Joojedelan' and develop more episodes. This project is a testament to the enduring appeal of Rita's comedy, and it promises to deliver a headbanging experience unlike any other in the world of animation.

Joojedelan is created and animated by Rita Rahimi. In its earlier flash episodes, the talented Amin Zeynodini lent his voice to the characters, contributing to the project's charm. However, in the most recent episode, Rita herself has taken on the task of voice acting, adding a personal touch to the characters. Notably, Narges Shaeri played a pivotal role in the development of this latest installment.

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