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Delusive Relics, the electro-industrial band, presents their latest single, "Fairy Ring," an enchanting narrative that explores the mystical folklore of dancing fairies and the enchanting circle of mushrooms nestled within a jungle.

Rita embraced the opportunity to spearhead the production of "Fairy Ring." taking on roles in costume design, choreography, and performance for the first time. This comprehensive involvement was driven by a commitment to achieving optimal results while showcasing her multifaceted skills.

This unique production promises to captivate audiences with its mesmerizing narrative and artistic finesse.

"Fairy Ring" is not currently accessible online.

Costume Design, Choreography, Performance, Direction, Post Production: Rita Rahimi

Prop Artist: Torfeh Ekhlasi

Stylist: Sana Setayesh

Guest Costume Artist: Fatemeh Moghtada

Camera: Hamid Ghodrati
Camera Assistant: Paniz Eftekhari

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