Sedated Islet , experimental short film by Rita Rahimi , rr , Ramin Rahimi , ریتا رحیمی ، رامین رحیمی

'Dabir Madani' (Civics Teacher) is a unique experiment in comedy. These Farsi-language productions thrive on witty dialogue and unconventional humor. Visually unpolished, they intentionally use low-quality graphics to shift the focus to clever wordplay and jokes.

Dabir Madani himself is a comedic maverick, an anarchist of humor with an extremist flair that not everyone may appreciate, but those who do, adore. His backstory adds to the absurdity – He was once a level-headed high school civics teacher. However, after his wife left him for a math teacher, he underwent a transformation following an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Ecuadorian jungle. This experience led him to unleash inflammatory lectures on his students, resulting in pandemonium that cost him his teaching license.

Now, Dabir Madani's true passion lies in leading his most talented students to create short videos and podcasts that explore the comedic fringes of life. 'Dabir Madani' is a comedic adventure where chaos reigns, laughter rules, and conventions are tossed aside for hilarious effect.

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